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1862, Republic of San Marino

Luigi Ciacci

Luigi Ciacci was a young stonemason born in the Republic of San Marino in 1862. 
In 1883 he moved to Rome and decided to venture into quarrying the famous Stone of Tivoli, In 1895 the brand CIACCI company was established and in 1916 he founded the first registered travertine trading company.

1862, Republic of San Marino

About 1900

Adalgisa Ciacci married Filippo Pascucci

By the early 1900s Luigi Ciacci  was a successful and  very well known entrepreneur, he did not expect his daughter to fall in love for a man with no education and no financial background.
But as usually does, love prevailed and Adalgisa Ciacci in 1919 married the love of her life, Filippo Pascucci. 

Pascucci Factory 1928


Pascucci Brand

From that day in 1922 to today the Pascucci brand has been a symbol of reliability and integrity in the natural stones industry.
When Filippo Pascucci suddenly passed away in 1964 his son Michele succeeded him, he exerted  maximum control over every manufacturing process, to ensure only the finest work would bear the Pascucci name .
Inaugural day of the Pascucci new head offices 1959, Filippo Pascucci can be seen in the middle



Sponsor for Rome Opera Season

In 1958 the Pascucci family sponsor therRome opera season. On the first evening are picture Mr and Mrs Pacifici along with Mr and Mrs Ciacci .
Opening Night of Rome Opera Season


Hallmark of Pascucci

In 1972 a complete new state of the art was built; dedication to extraordinary  quality became a hallmark of Pascucci history and continues to this day .
Michele Pascucci supervises the construction process of the new factory and offices in 1970



Filippo and Nicola Pascucci

Now, with the full involvement of Filippo and Nicola Pascucci, the two sons of Michele,  new strategies started to evolve. In complete harmony the youngest generation took additional steps to better monitor the quality selection and control, new projects are carefully chosen and a new sense of responsibility towards the environment became an additional value to be nurtured on a daily basis . 

Inauguration day of the Michele Pascucci new facility in 1974

Roman Travertine directly from quarries in Tivoli, Rome, Italy

Providing Customized Design Solutions
We are committed to delivering materials of the utmost quality. In keeping with our century long tradition of excellence, Fratelli Pascucci's products continue to leave an indelible mark in the travertine industry.

We extract the original

We extract the original Roman Travertine directly from our quarries in Tivoli, Rome, Italy
The most recent and state of the art machinery has been installed, giving us the ability to process quality products.  Our main materials are:

Roman Travertine Tivoli Rome Italy, Pascucci partner CONFINDUSTRIA
Roman Travertine Tivoli Rome Italy, Pascucci partner PNA, Pietra Naturale Autentica
Roman Travertine Tivoli Rome Italy, Pascucci Marchio Storico
Roman Travertine Tivoli Rome Italy, Pascucci Brochure

Classic and Contemporary Projects

The Pascucci ‘s Interpretation

The Pascucci ‘s Interpretation of Travertine is a wonderful collection for Classic and Contemporary Projects. With extraordinary realism and sought-after details bringing the essence of natural stone: intense veins, natural shades and refined charm creating successful environments where architects, interior designers and customers realize their dreams.

Roman Travertine and Travertine, Pascucci original roman travertine directly from our quarries in Tivoli, Rome

Extraction of Roman travertine in blocks and slabs, directly from the quarries of Rome, to promote Made in Italy around the word

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