Travertine Alabastrino

Travertino Alabastrino, also known as Alabaster Roman travertine, belongs to the categories of light or white travertines. Can be cut Vein cut or Cross cut. Vein cut, the material has a wavy veins pattern, if Cross cut, the pattern will be cloudy. Alabastrino is an essentially white travertine with very light veins ranging from white to beige, sometimes with shades of silver. The structure shows its compactness and homogeneity. Generally there are no significant pores or cavities. Extracted directly from the travertine quarries in Tivoli, Rome, Italy, the availability of blocks, slabs and cut to sizes is good. Travertine Alabastrino is easily and often used for floors, cladding and kitchens tops. The finishes can be honed, polished, tumbled or saw cut



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